Raw Blue Quartz Chunks, Set of 10
Raw Blue Quartz Chunks, Set of 10
Raw Blue Quartz Chunks, Set of 10
Raw Blue Quartz Chunks, Set of 10

Raw Blue Quartz Chunks, Set of 10

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Beautiful Raw Blue Quartz Chunks sizes 1-1.5", sold in pack of 10 pieces. Ideal for a small bowl filler or decor accent perfect placed on cocktail table or bookshelf as shown. Pictured in offering bowl that is 5" diameter and 2.5" high, available for sale separately. *These are natural high quality Blue Quartz chunks and will vary slightly in size and color. The size color and shape of the chunks in each set will vary from small to large, light to darker in color. This is an inherent characteristic and it's uniqueness is desirable, not a defect.

Blue quartz means you’re inviting the essence of spirit and endless possibility into your life, home and body. This is what it has meant through the ages, although it would have manifested in different ways depending on the individual in question. 

Blue quartz crystals can offer physical healing to the throat and thyroid if needed. If you’re suffering from any throat related illness, it usually means that this energetic center in the body has become imbalanced or blocked. 

To achieve physical healing with blue quartz, try to keep the stone as close to your body as possible. Consider sleeping with it next to you, carrying it or holding it in your pocket throughout the day.

MATERIAL: Raw Blue Quartz Chunks


DIMENSIONS: Each is one of a kind and size average ranges from 1-2" wide and 1-2" high, all shapes vary SET OF 10

FACTS & HISTORY: Blue quartz crystal is all about self expression in the form of creativity. It helps one to become a better communicator with regards to the things you want, need and deeply desire. 

When important life experiences happen, it requires a certain level of awareness to be able to analyze and process them in a healthy way. Blue quartz can provide this awareness on your behalf, which will, over time, train you to be a better perceiver of your own life. 

Blue quartz is also a stone of immeasurable forgiveness. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, then having this crystal as a daily companion may help with your progress on the matter. 

Blue quartz is actually quite the powerful detoxifier. It purifies from the inside out, pulling toxins from deep within both your cells and your consciousness. Everything physical is actually spiritual, so correcting physical imbalance always requires a level of spiritual work.