Faux Red Silk Persian Ranunculus Stem
Faux Red Silk Persian Ranunculus Stem
Faux Red Silk Persian Ranunculus Stem

Faux Red Silk Persian Ranunculus Stem

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Faux Red Silk Ranunculus Stem feature realistic red silk petals and makes a wonderful faux floral arrangement.  By its self or mix with other floral and greens for a statement decor accent. A holiday decor staple, we love to enjoy from fall through Valentine's Day!

Melissa's Tips and Tricks - Although we love fresh flowers, building a faux floral “wardrobe” to pull from when you don’t have time or patience for fresh flowers can be a lifesaver.

We recommend starting with a dozen stems of your favorite floral pairings and a versatile vase  you know is the right size, then build a collection of seasonal and occasional options. Choose your floral selection like the professionals do, a mix of fillers, thrillers and a few spillers. 

It is a wonderful investment when your arrangement doesn’t turn out the way you expected and/or who hasn’t woken up to unexpectedly wilted flowers. We think they are also perfect for weekend homes or when you leave for a trip, always lovely to greet you and never deal with a dead arrangement and smelly water again.

DIMENSIONS: 23" H x 4" Flower Spray

CARE & MAINTAINANCE: We recommend avoiding direct sunlight as this can diminish the stems vibrance overtime. If they beome crushed during storage, lightly steam the head to revive.

Lightly dust regularly to keep looking fresh, refresh as needed by misting with water or flower spray cleaner.

For deep cleaning once a year or so we run a warm bath, then gently rinse or dip each stem in clear warm water. Lay on a bath towel to dry and your blooms will look like new.

FACTS & HISTORY: According to floriography, Ranunculus symbolizes charm and attraction. So, the next time you want to tell someone you are “dazzled by their radiant charm,” given them a bouquet of Ranunculus blooms!