Carnelian Prayer Beads
Carnelian Prayer Beads
Carnelian Prayer Beads
Carnelian Prayer Beads
Carnelian Prayer Beads

Carnelian Prayer Beads

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Carnelian Prayer Beads handmade strung together with string and finished with a coordinating  tassel.

Our Prayer Beads are a beautiful and useful object d'art, use during prayer rituals as well as looking gorgeous in your decor. Style with a grouping with flowers, plants, candles and crystals. Or hang on door knobs, mantles, on a tray or anywhere you like. 

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that grounds and anchors one into the present. Removes fear of death and brings acceptance of the cycle of life. Improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception. Aids in making positive life choices and dispels apathy. Heals the body, protects against rage and resentment.

Each strand of beads has been artfully assembled by hand, imperfection is inherently part of its character.

  • Using a Mala in Kundalini Yoga Meditation: to use a mala, hold it in either hand. Starting just after the Guru bead, you recite a mantra while holding each bead between the thumb and one of the fingers, moving from one bead to the next with each recitation. You basically drape the mala over the finger, and use the thumb to pull the beads over the finger toward you after each recitation of the mantra. After you have completed a full circle of your mala, you will feel the Guru bead.
  • The ancient Indians were excellent mathematicians and 108 may be the product of a precise mathematical operation (e.g. 1 power 1 x 2 power 2 x 3 power 3 = 108) which was thought to have special neurological significance. The chakras, our energy centers, are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, Sushumna, leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.
  • Mantras and Malas: Malas are also known as prayer beads. Using beads for prayer as a meditation tool dates back beyond written history. You can see them used as a tool in almost every spiritual and religious practice. 
  • Provides warmth and energy. Stimulates new thought process, increases 

Minor variation of color/shape/size is expected for handmade artisan crafted products, it is desirable and not considered a manufacturing defect.

MATERIALS: Carnelian Beads  108, String Tassel

DIMENSIONS: 24” O/A length, .25” DIA Beads 1” string tassel 

ORIGIN: Madagascar

FACTS & HISTORY: Prayer beads are a form of beadwork used to count the repetitions of prayers, chants, or mantras. Since the beads are touched  in an automatic manner, they allow the user to keep track of how many prayers have been said with a minimal amount of conscious effort, which in turn allows greater attention to the prayer itself. 

The number 108 has a range of significance across many different cultures and disciplines. For example, this number informs the architecture of sacred texts that are central to yoga and eastern philosophy. As a devoted scholar of yoga and tantra, Shiva Rea explains in Tending the Heart Fire, “there are 108 chapters of the Rig Veda, 108 Upanishads and 108 primary Tantras.” And these texts are written in Sanskrit, a language comprising 54 letters, each with a masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) form, 54 x 2 = 108. Listed below are just a few of the many relationships that carry this number.