Brittany, Knife Pleat Tribal Ikat Lamp Shade, 19"
Brittany, Knife Pleat Tribal Ikat Lamp Shade, 19"
Brittany, Knife Pleat Tribal Ikat Lamp Shade, 19"

Brittany, Knife Pleat Tribal Ikat Lamp Shade, 19"

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Brittany, Knife Pleat Tribal Ikat Lamp Shade, 19" handmade in England, using a classic Ikat design from Uzbekistan. It is hand stitched and finished with a black trim.

Craftsmanship is central to the collection, with an emphasis on handmade fabric, natural materials, and traditional processes. The collection aims to celebrate the culture of the fabrics sourced, while maintaining Vaughan’s values of quality and attention to detail.

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DIMENSIONS: Base 19"  x Top 12" x Incline 12" 

MATERIALS: 100% Cotton

FACTS & HISTORY:  Established in 1983, Vaughan is one of the world's most eminent designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, furniture and accessories. Founders, artist-designer couple Lucy and Michael Vaughan, have always been united by a collective passion for art and antiques. Together, they bring their artistic eye, discerning sense of style and meticulous attention to detail to the heart of the company. Lucy and Michael drive Vaughan's vision and artist-led philosophy, providing direction and guidance to their in-house design studio, where every product is designed exclusively.

The word 'ikat' comes from the Malay-Indonesian word for 'tie';  it was introduced into European sources of textile technology and history in the early twentieth century when Dutch scholars began paying attention to the rich textile traditions of the Netherlands Indies, the present-day Indonesia.