WIN A HOLIDAY CENTERPIECE - Tips for Holiday Entertaining

One of our favorite Holiday Decorating projects is creating beautiful table scapes and centerpieces. Our signature PRO TIP is to create the primary centerpiece on a tray to give you the most flexibility to make the table scape portable, maximizing the ways you can use it in your home. 

In fact the genesis of our Curated Collections concept was a Holiday Decor project. We were hired to create a Holiday Collection for a new Boutique Hotel. They had many large rooms to decorate and a small budget to accomplish their goal. So we devised a plan centered around Curated Collections of Decor that could be mixed and matched together and able to move from one location to another as needed for events. 

This was second nature to us because it is how we decorate our homes for Holidays! So we thought we would share the steps we follow to create this in your own home. We hope you enjoy this fun HOLIDAY-HOW-TO, that will take you through to New Year!

STEP 1 - Visit LUXE CURATIONS on Instagram to Find your Holiday Inspiration!

STEP 2 - Identify the areas in your home where you will be entertaining. 

  • Dining Table (more formal lunch or dinner)
  • Kitchen/Breakfast Room Table (casual lunch)
  • Living Room - Cocktail Table (more formal party or gathering)
  • Family Room - (casual party or gathering)

STEP 3 - Identify items in your year round decor that can work into your holiday concept. Clean and move them to a staging area.

  • Candles, Votives, Candlesticks, Pillars, Hurricanes
  • Trays
  • Decorative Bowls
  • Vases

* PRO TIP - Photograph your current vignettes so you have a record of where things were in, case you want to put them back after the holidays.  

STEP 4 - Allocate available funds and make your budget 

*PRO TIP - Review your Holiday Decor in storage to see if any of it can be incorporated instead of buying new. Test lights and batteries.


*PRO TIP - Do this in avance so that you can take advantage of sales and discounts and avoid rush shipping charges.

STEP 6 - Head to Luxe Curations to source needed decor!


STEP 7 - Create your own version of Holiday Decor based on your inspiration photos.

STEP 8 - Invite your guests and enjoy!

Visit us on the Upper East Side, our new Shop is located at 230 East 83rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Here you can purchase or see our table scape in person. If you can't make it in, visit our shop online, call or message us to purchase any of the items photographed in this feature. 

And the most exciting news is you can enter now through Monday December 19th for a chance to WIN the featured centerpiece in this Collection! Visit our Social Media on Instagram and Facebook for instructions on how to enter.