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Your home is your sanctuary; the place that best represents your personality, experiences, hopes and dreams. Decorate every single room in your home with the perfect hand-selected, gorgeous pieces courtesy of Luxe Curations. Decor sophistication is more effortless than ever with our Curated Collections, the most idyllic way to show the world what you’re all about. Browse our home decor and accessories and experience the beauty of Luxe Curations!

Globally Conscious

Filling your living rooms and bedrooms with beautiful art and decor items can be both rewarding and luxurious. Our Luxe Curations founder, Melissa Freeman, emphasizes the idea of authenticity and sustainability, building partnerships with reputable importers; all of our textiles and home decor collections are supplied from locations around the world, including Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda to name a few. Incorporate a timeless, well-traveled aesthetic into your home’s interior design with Luxe Curations!

Thoughtfully & Intentionally Selected

Despite sourcing our Curated Collection home decor pieces from international partners, Luxe Curations is dedicated to maintaining an ethical, world-conscious reputation. You can shop online freely knowing each and every artisan-made piece is ethically-sourced and produced; our entire inventory includes textiles, porcelain, chinoiserie, shells, crystals and gemstones with origins from around the world. Fulfill your own personal wanderlust without ever leaving your living room!

Timeless & Sophisticated Pieces

Fads have a tendency to fade, but high-quality, well-produced home decor items never go out of style. Luxe Curations specializes in timeless interior design, giving your home a look that redefines beauty; experience the passion of our artisan partners through durable, priceless items from various countries. Share in Melissa Freeman’s inspiration to provide an inclusive environment for global artwork, textiles and flatware by shopping for yourself or someone special!

Curated Collections

Luxe Curations prides itself on gathering several different home decor pieces that work well together, creating ten different “Curated Collections.” Exploring each one will reveal a carefully-crafted assortment of matching colors and materials, as well as a key overarching theme; you can also mix and match between all our collections to create the desired interior design for your home. Add layers upon layers of design while also factoring in your own interests and personality!

Immerse yourself in the art and design of global artisans with Luxe Curations, the perfect partner for making your residential space stand out. Shop our individual items or full collections, or take advantage of our own in-house design services!