End Of Summer Sale - New York Minutes and Montauk Moments


Meet Melissa and have her style you on the Upper East Side Friday then shop with her in the Hamptons Sunday at the Hampton Flea in Montauk!


Melissa Freeman Super Star NYC Interior Designer and Stylist for Luxe Curations

New York Minutes & Montauk Moments!

New York City Upper East side shopping

The New York Minute alludes to the fast paced life in New York City. We are always trying to fit it all in, rushing here and there for deadlines, meetings and more. Phones and screens are at the center of everything. Sirens, horns, and never ending construction make up the dull roar that is the soundtrack of our lives.

Montauk The end of the world beach Hampton Flea

Montauk Moments are the exact opposite. At "The End Of The World" life is quiet, and magically time almost stands still. Cell service and wifi are almost nonexistent and not missed. Surounded by nature, the rythmic beat of waves crashing on the shore will lull you further into unplugged bliss.

Montauk Beach, The Hamptons

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