You have probably heard us say, "Our Collections have been thoughtfully selected and designed to be mixed and matched together so that you can effortlessly and enjoyably add sophisticated layers of design to your home. Creating a look that is collected and timeless." But in addition to it being beautiful, we also want you to feel good about what you buy for your home.

Here are some of the many ways we do that.

  • We firmly believe in "Buy Less Buy Better"
  • Reupholster or refinish quality upholstery and case goods whenever possible
  • Source vintage and antique decor 
  • Only sell ethically sourced coral and seashells, either antiques, or harvested following all local and governmental guidelines. We have a strict sense of obligation regarding coral reef ecosystems and their ecology, our suppliers must follow both U.S. and international import & export protocol. We actively donate it the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) an environmental NGO that is on a mission to save the worlds coral reefs. You can learn more or donate at www.coral.com
  • Celebrate design and culture around the world. Learning as much as we can about the beautiful items we collect and the culture of the artisans who crafted them is the way we show our respect.
  • Responsibility and Fair Trade are at the heart of our curated collections. We work with importers who specialize in ethically sourced and produced items.
  • Insist on quality and authenticity, always sharing an items origin and as much information as we can with you.
  • Textiles like mudclothes from Burkina Faso and suzani and ikats from Istanbul, as well as sculptures from Indonesia are all made using traditional sometimes ancient methods and tools, often from generations of craftspeople.

We believe every item we discover is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Many of vendors and importers are orginally from the areas they represent. They have become our friends and trusted guides. We love hearing their stories and sharing our passion for the beautiful objects they bring from their countries. Sharing what we discover with you is one of our greatest joys!

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