Blue and White is always right! While we have many passions the heart and soul of our design style is Blue and White. It is a classic aesthetic, embraced by cultures around the globe. But far and away our favorite design combination features the classic lines and motifs of Chinoiserie mixed with Coral and Seashells, paired with authentic hand selected African Mudcloths. You will often find our Collections featured atop traditional english style furniture or distinctive modern pieces.

Blue and White Chinoiserie and Home Decor

Since we launched in 2021, we are grateful to say our client list and followers have exploded! So we thought a fresh New Year is the perfect time to connect, explain how we started, and our company ethos. We are Interior Designers who added our shoppable collections to our website in order to share items we love with our clients during a time when we couldn't meet in person. We curated collections that were thoughtfully selected and designed to be mixed and matched together. So that our clients could effortlessly and enjoyably add sophisticated layers of design to their home, creating a look that is collected and timeless.

Classic Chinoiserie decor with peonies and jade accents

Since those challenging days we have grown and instead of expanding our collections into a warehouse space we decided to bring our virtual concept into reality by launching our first retail location in our neighborhood on the Upper East Side! Located on 83rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, we are steps from the new Q Train, making us easily accessible to all of NYC.

Blue and White Fish Motif Orchid Bowl filled with giant seashells

Our staff are all design loving, neighborhood folks who look forward to meeting you! And while we celebrate NYC and all its fabulosity, we will always keep our collections current online as we look forward to shipping to our followers all over the USA!

Chinese Calligraphy Brushes and small porcelain treasures

Responsibility and Fair Trade are at the heart of our Curated Collections. We seek to work with importers who specialize in ethically sourced and produced, artisan-made textiles, porcelain, coral & shells, crystals & minerals from Jingdezhen, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Bali, Taipei, and Istanbul to name just a few. We love hearing their stories and sharing our passion for beautiful objects from their countries.

Buddha Head with Blue and White Porcelain and Seashells

To celebrate our 2nd year in business and to thank all of you who have discovered us and become customers and followers we decided to offer 15% OFF our newest Collection of Blue and White Porcelain, our tried and true classics and our One-of-a-kind vintage and antique Collections for the month of January.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Porcelain filled with flowers

Here are a few of our favorite pieces -




 Chinoiserie Peony Dot Tea Jar





Large Chinoiserie Floral Temple Jar, Blue and Whitehttps://luxecurations.com/collections/all/products/blue-and-white-porcelain-floral-temple-jar

 Blue and White Chinoiserie Orchid Pot, Fish Motif


 Blue and White Chinoiserie Temple Jar, Longevity Motif


 Blue and White Chinoiserie Temple Jar, Enchanted Children Motif




Blue and White Chinoiserie Jar, Double Happiness Motif

As we all know supply chain issues have proven challenging, so we have decided to list only those items that are in our stock. We always try to buy in pairs but it is highly likely that the item you see listed has a very limited quantity available. We are always happy to check, but our best advice is don't wait too long if you want that item! We are happy to arrange exchanges but we cannot guarantee availability. So happy shopping friends!