Coastal Grandmother, is the next design trend, just in time for Summer!

Just when we finally understood Grand Millenial decor, here comes Coastal Grandmother! It's the next design trend sweeping the nation just in time for Summer 2022. At least in the world according to TikTok. And it seems to be if a trend floods TikTok, then gets featured on The Today Show, like Coastal Grandmother, it's official. 

So what is Coastal Grandmother?

It's when luxury and comfort meet classic decor. Traditional interiors designed for a casually elegant indoor-outdoor, lived-in-luxe lifestyle. It's the next generation learning that, high-quality, timeless, sophisticated interior decor not only stands the test of time but gets better when it's worn from being enjoyed. It's sustainable, responsibile and often inherited or collected. No jarring pops of color or patterned wallpaper (unless it's grasscloth), it's serene and slightly pared-back. The exception and signature accessory being Blue and White Chinoiserie, along with the subtle sparkle of silver, crystal and ironstone bowls abundantly filled with collected seashells and coral.  It's a look we credit back to Ralph Lauren home in 1987, forever defining classic American style.

Perhaps we can attribute the Coastal Grandmother explosion to those who didn't go for the Grand Millennial decor craze. It's saccharine pastel color explosion and cutesy knick knacks didn't entirely suit us either. It turns out soft washes of blues and greens, cozy neutral, often slipcovered upholstery, beautiful brown furniture, sisal rugs and accents of luxury fabrics like cashmere and mohair, were just what they had been looking for.

Luxe Curations signature style is just that, classic, casually elegant decor accessorized with chinoiserie. It's piles of books, family photos and personal collections make a house a home. Add painted seascapes, rattan, raffia and vases overflowing with white flowers or hydrangeas and we are the OG Coastal Grandmother!

Hydranges, Chinoiserie, Seashells and Seascapes on Brown Wood Table

The TikToker's often mention loving the set design in Nancy Myers films like "Somethings Gotta Give" and "It's Complicated". They even mimick the fashion of their cashmere and white button down clad characters, played by icons Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. We love that they understand the fit, quality and crispness of the white classic button down matters. As well as how the comfortable luxury and polish of a cashmere sweater exceeds that of any sweatshirt. These lessons can be applied to decor as well, a tailored white slipcover or well made upholstery item are worth investing in. Buy less and buy better are words to live by.

While we might cringe at their videos, geared to make them TikTok famous and giggle just a bit watching them discover something we already know and love, it's wonderful to see the Influencers be influenced by classic elegant style and make it their own. Trends may come and go but no matter what you call it, Coastal Grandmother is forever.

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