Bring in the New Year with Health, Wealth and Happiness!

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In Chinese culture it is believed that, as the Spring Festival is the start of a new year, what you do then will affect your luck in the coming year. There are many Chinese New Year traditions about dos and dont’s. So we have made a list of the top 10 things to avoid.

1. Avoid washing hair and getting a haircut. Hair must not be washed on Chinese New Year's Day. In Mandarin, hair (发, fa) has the same pronunciation (and is the same character) as fa in facai (发财), which means 'to become wealthy'. Therefore, it is thought washing your hair will "wash one's fortune away" in the New Year.

It is popular, however, to get a haircut or new hairstyle before Chinese New Year for a new look (new 'wealth') in the coming year

2. Don't sweep or take out garbage. The act of sweeping on this day is associated with sweeping wealth away. Taking out garbage symbolizes dumping out the good luck or good fortune from the house. A thorough cleaning is traditionally done before Chinese New Year.

3. Don't wash clothes. People do not wash clothes on the first and second day of the new year, because the ancients believed that water symbolizes wealth. It is believed that pouring away water after washing clothes invokes a pouring away of wealth.

4. No unlucky words. Words have power, it is taboo to say words with negative meanings during the Lunar New Year period. Avoid saying words related to death, sickness, poverty, ghosts, etc. If you use these words during the festival it is believed they will follow you the whole year.

5. Avoid breaking porcelain or glass. Breaking symbolizes incompleteness and bad luck. It is considered to bring bad fortune, monetary loss, or family breakup.

If something is broken accidentally, people usually use red paper to wrap up the fragments, and then say "Sui sui ping'an" which means 'all year round safe and sound'.

6. Avoid lending and borrowing money. Do not borrow money during Chinese New Year. All debts should be paid by New Year's Eve and if someone owes you money, do not go to his or her home to demand it. Anyone who does so it is said will be unlucky all the year.

7. Do not buy books or send them as gifts. The word “book” in Chinese is pronounced the same as the word “lose,” so buying or gifting books in the first days of the new year is thought to bring bad luck.

8. Do not urge someone to get out of bed. If you are urged out of bed on the first morning, it means you will be rushed the whole year.

9. Do not take a nap. Napping on New Year's Day indicates laziness for the next year.

10. Avoid using knives, scissors or needles. These items may cause bleeding. Blood is considered unlucky.

 Chinese New Year Celebration

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From us to you “Gong xi fa cai”  which is a popular Chinese New Year greeting it translates to “wishing you great happiness and prosperity.”


Chinese New Year 2023, the year of the Rabbit