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Beautiful Vintage Luxury Jewelry Collections from Luxe Curations
WOW what a week it's been at Luxe Curations. We had another successful week at the Hampton Flea, this time in Montauk. The word is out and fashion minded Summer Hamptons residents are flocking to the new hot spot. Of all the Hamptons locations Montauk is our favorite. Once you drive past Amagansett on Montauk highway a lovely forest engulfs the highway and then all of a sudden the ocean appears through the trees. It was a perfect summer day and we were literally just steps from the beach. While some turned out dressed to the nines, other shoppers took a break from the sand and surf, walked over and shopped in bikinis. The perfect Hamptons Vibe!
Montauk the end of the world
📷 Montauk Only
We are in awe of how well our new Jewelry Collection has been received. This week's highlights included visits by Celebrity Style Stars and sisters Pamela Glassman and Rachel Zoe. The lovely ladies shopped with us in Montauk and we're very into our Curated Collections, trying on and enjoying many pieces before deciding on a stunning White Enamel and Emerald Ring and a Turquoise Enamel Pendant with a Pink Accent Stone. We had a fabulous time chatting with them and almost fell over when RZ said "I love how you style your pieces".  I mean, what a compliment from an incredible talent, we are still floating on cloud nine! 
Pamela Glassman shopping at Luxe Curations Montauk, Hampton Flea
Rachel Zoe Shopping at the Hampton Flea
                                                                                        📷 Hampton Flea
We are back in NYC this weekend. Be sure to visit us in our shop on Saturday to shop the newest collections. Vintage and New, One Of A Kind items arrive and sell every day. Like our Cloisonné Articulated Fish and Turtle Pendants, which are the most requested item of the season in the Hamptons! We have both vintage and new ones made in the vintage style, and we are happy to have something for every budget and pocketbook! These are being added to the website now but shop early because we can't keep them in stock!
Cloisonné Articulated Fish and Turtle Pendant Charm Necklace
This week we are especially excited to share our collection of Sterling Silver and CZ travel rings collection. These gorgeous rings look like a million dollars but range in price from $25.00 to $95.00. They are sterling silver and lab created stones that you can wear on your beach holiday, in the pool or exploring without worry. Look fabulous while you leave your important and sentimental jewelry in a safe place! And if you prefer gold, our Estate Jewelry Collection continues to grow with a beautiful selection of 9k, 12k, 14k and 18k pieces. For now most of these pieces are shoppable in the store, at the Hampton Flea, via private video call appointment or via our posts and stories. DM or comment with questions and we will respond asap!
Luxe Curations Travel Jewelry Collection of Sterling Silver and CZ Rings
  And if you miss us in the Hamptons this weekend don't worry. We are heading out East again on August 13th for the next Hampton Flea in Westhampton Beach and then back to Montauk on August 20th. Stay tuned for more info.
Montauk beach cliffs and ocean
                                                                📷 Montauk Only
Hope you are Summering well my friends!