Beautiful Kennebunkport and the Maine Coast

If you are like me there are a few places in the world that feel like home as soon as you arrive. Kennebunkport, for me, is one of those places. No matter where I go in the world, it seems to call me back. Enticingly dancing in and out of my life always leaving me wanting more.


We visited it often as a child spending a week or more there each summer as we traveled the northern East Coast. Then in my early adult years I a met a man I would later marry, who was from Kennebunkport. It was then I truly fell in love with Maine, Mainers and a sense of community I had never experienced before.


It’s beautiful beaches and picturesque port are what the get the most headlines. And while I'm all for the beaches and lobster, it really is the people and community that make it unique. It’s a small town with huge arts and culture appreciation. Art galleries, boutique hotels with world class dining and live music are just a few ways to enjoy the many talents of locals. 

We bought a home and spent five years there, emersed in the Maine way of life. I worked for a wonderful boutique Interior Design Firm and was featured in many Maine centric publications. I served on the Chamber of Commerce and sat on several Boards of Charitable Organizations. I’ve never felt more welcomed by a community, despite being from “away”. 


If you are looking for a wonderful vacation destination, I can’t recommend Kennebunkport enough. In addition to the highlights above, shopping its antiques and nautical treasures are a designers dream. But don’t miss the many festivals and galas that extend into the shoulder seasons. Including Christmas Prelude, a two week long extravaganza in the beginning of December that is not to be missed!


We visited last week for the first time after a few years and again were entranced by its magical qualities. We visited all the antique shops, estate sale and flea markets we could fit in. The result is our exciting new Kennebunkport Collection. Featuring coastal home decor sourced from Kennebunkport and the Maine Coast. Seashells, Coral, Nautical Vintage and Antiques to Original Artwork and Crafts by Maine Artists. We even did a bit of house shopping, don’t be surprised if you see us back in KPT! Shop our Kennebunkport Collection today!