Chinese Jade Double Sided Amulet
Chinese Jade Double Sided Amulet
Chinese Jade Double Sided Amulet

Chinese Jade Double Sided Amulet

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Chinese Jade Double Sided Amulet Each features auspicious designs, made of natural jade stone and has its own unique characteristics. Traditionally worn by Chinese hanging from belts, later as necklaces. Beautifully handcarved each item is a tiny masterpiece. We love them grouped together in a bowl as a decor accent piece. Adds authenticity and makes a wonderful addition to your Chinoiserie Collection.

DIMENSIONS: 2.75" DIA x .25" D



CIRCA: Unknown

HISTORY & FACTS: Chinese Amulets are often given as gifts, symbols of good wishes.

  • During the Warring States period, Qin and Han Dynasties, Yuhuang (narrow arc) and Yubi (flat round jade with holes in the center) were connected with silk threads to form a group of miscellaneous pendants, which were used to highlight the magnificence and majesty of the wearer.
  • After the Wei and Jin Dynasties: men often wear simple jade pendants, while women wear miscellaneous pendants for a long time, usually tied on their belts.
  • Qing Dynasty: jade pendant can also be used as a necklace.

Chinese love of jade by comparing its qualities to the virtues of a gentleman, “esteemed by all under the Sun.” Xu Shen, an ancient Han scholar, listed the five virtues of jade as “charity, rectitude, wisdom, courage, and equity.”