Traditional Nepali Mask
Traditional Nepali Mask
Traditional Nepali Mask
Traditional Nepali Mask
Traditional Nepali Mask

Traditional Nepali Mask

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Traditional Nepali Mask this is one of a kind, dramatic and beautiful vintage Mask from Nepal. A mount has been added to hang on the wall as art.

The masks are used in ritual dances, made of materials like papier mache or wood plastered with clay and linen, and painted in lively colours. It is rare to discover old masks as they are not made to survive. According to tradition many masks are supposed to be destroyed after use and be re-made the following year.

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DIMENSIONS: 8" L x 6" W x 4" D

MATERIALS: Hand carved and painted wood

*note all marks and wear are inherent qualities of an authentic vintage item and are not considered damages.

ORIGIN: Nepal, exact age unknown

FACTS & HISTORY: Traditional masks of Nepal can be devided into two sorts: "tribal" masks which belong to the ethnic groups such as Gurung, Magar, Tharu, Rai etc and which are also referred to as "shaman's" masks; and "classical" masks which represent Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses.

The classical Nepali masks always represent deities or demons and never the dead or the ancestors. Besides, masks are more often used in processions and in rituals rather than in theatrical performances.
There are three categories of masks: first, masks representing faces of gods which are worn by performers during ritual dances, a second category, masks which serve as ornamental motifs for decorating a temple, a chariot during a procession or a vase used as a ritual object. A third category includes masks in metal or stone representing faces of deities that are worshiped like statues. They are called statue-masks. The metal used for making them are silver, brass or bronze. These masks are often decorated with jewels and when not worshiped they are kept in a wooden box inside the temple.