Rose Quartz Bead Stretch Bracelet
Rose Quartz Bead Stretch Bracelet

Rose Quartz Bead Stretch Bracelet

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Beautiful Rose Heart Shaped Quartz Crystal is not only a gorgeous bracelet in the most Perfect Pink color, it is said to have many mystical healing powers! 

Keep close to your body when not wearing, perhaps in a bowl on your vanity or bedstide table. By placing the quartz crystal near your chest for a few minutes daily, you can reduce all the worries and tensions of life.

Comes in a blue velvet bag, ready for gifting!

MATERIAL: High Quality Rose Quartz, this hand carved and polished Rose Heart Quartz exemplifies superior craftsmanship. 

ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

DIMENSIONS: stretches to fit approximately 7"

FACTS & HISTORY: Rose Quartz is reported to bring the holder love, compassion and excitement. This heart-shaped crystal helps reduce anxiety and uplift self-esteem, making life happier, more colorful and meaningful. Commonly used as a healing crystal for heart chakra, rose quartz is the perfect tool to cleanse your mind and relax your body.