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Pair of Vintage Turquoise Glazed Foo Dogs, XL
Pair of Vintage Turquoise Glazed Foo Dogs, XL

Pair of Vintage Turquoise Glazed Foo Dogs, XL

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Pair of Vintage Turquoise Porcelain Foo Dogs beautiful handcrafted Chinese  Turquoise Glazed Porcelain figurines from the 20th Century. Made in China for export, likely during the Hollywood Regency design period 1920 -1950.

One of the most popular and recognized Chinoiserie collectibles perfect to start or add to any collection. Meant to be in pairs. Foo dogs are symbolic, protective statues one is female and one is male. The female represents yin and symbolically protects the people dwelling in the home, while the male represents yang, protects the structure itself. They protect both the exterior and interior of those who reside within the space and the power of Foo Dogs is to block the negative energies from entering.

Each detail of the is symbolic. You can tell their gender by examining what’s beneath the paws. The male has a ball beneath his right front paw that represents the world. The female has a small cub under her left paw, which represents nature or the cycle of life. If it has an open mouth and the other has closed one, this may represent the in-and-out breath, or the sound of “om.

There is a right way and a wrong way to position the pair. When you’re facing a pair of foo dogs, the most auspicious placement according to feng shui is with the female on the left and the male on the right. And if you have a pair displaying them together rather than in different rooms is important.

In excellent vintage condition no chips or cracks. Shows desirable natural age and wear.

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DIMENSIONS: 18.0 "H x 7" W x 4" D

MATERIALS: Porcelain

CIRCA: 20th Century, estimated

1920 -1950 

FACTS & HISTORY: Guardian lions, also known as komainu, shishi, or foo dogs, are intimidating, mythical, lion-like creatures seen across a breath of art forms, ranging from architecture to tattoos. As they symbolize prosperity, success, and guardianship, they're full of meaning—which has made them popular in Western art too.

In China, you can find Foo dogs famously located in the Forbidden City. These mythical animals symbolize good luck, safety, and protection for the inhabitants of the spaces they defend.