Old Salt Wood Key Chain
Old Salt Wood Key Chain
Old Salt Wood Key Chain
Old Salt Wood Key Chain
Old Salt Wood Key Chain

Old Salt Wood Key Chain

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Old Salt Wood Key Chain Hand Carved and Painted Vintage"Old Salt" Sea Captain key chain is the ultimate collectible for your Beach House or Car keys. 

In perfect vintage condition with just the right amount of wear and patina. His pipe may have broken off but we feel it adds to his "salty" charm

A featured item from our Kennebunkport Collection.  One-of-a-kind unique items sourced from the Kennebunk’s in southern Coastal Maine. Bring an authentic piece of nautical or coastal history into your home.

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MATERIALS: Carved Wood

DIMENSIONS: 3" H x 1.75" W x .75"D

ORIGIN: Kennebunk Maine

CIRCA: 20th Century

FACTS & HISTORY: “Salty” is a term from the United States Navy used to describe an experienced sailor – someone for whom the romanticized idea of ship life is gone and replaced with sea salt.

An "old salt" is an old sailor or mariner who tells oral history and sea stories. Sometimes deemed a sage within their domain, and while sometimes a raconteur, much of the history and traditions of mariners are passed from generation to generation as told and retold by old salts. Their factual oral histories and fictional sea stories often intermingle and thus may overall be truthful, half-true, or fiction. Each narrative told by an old salt tends to have the aim of enhancing the reputation of the old salt, the old salt's companions, or the old salt's forbearers, although they may also tell instructive tales of tragedy.