Louis Saphier Still Life Painting - Vase, Buddha & Elephant

Louis Saphier Still Life Painting - Vase, Buddha & Elephant

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Artist: Louis Saphier.(1875-1954) Title: Vase, Buddha & Elephant Date: Late 1930's, Medium: Oil Paint 

One of a pair of still life oil paintingby New York artist Louis Saphier.(1875-1954) has been dated to the late 1930's. They have what are likely original identical wooden frames that measure just over 11.5 x13" while the images are 8 x 10”.

Louis Saphier lived in Brooklyn for 30 years and his son James, was Bob Hope's business agent for most of his working life. In 1945 Louis painted a portrait of Mr. Hope that later sold at his estate auction for $20,800. The artist's sales record remains a work in progress with a few very nice paintings sales recorded and likely many others such as these yet to be discovered.

These quality works are fresh to the market and present a rare opportunity to purchase. Everything remains in excellent as found original condition, ready to hang and enjoy.

DIMENSIONS: 8 x 10 inches Frame Size: 11.5 x 13 in. 

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