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Longevity Plum Lidded Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar
Longevity Plum Lidded Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar

Longevity Plum Lidded Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar

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Longevity Plum Lidded Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar This piece is a temple jar with a longevity characters overlaid with plum decoration.

The porcelains we sourced for inspiration were made in the ancient city famous for blue and white and the imperial kilns - Jingdezhen. In the Chinese tradition, potters draw direct inspiration from designs from the past, so we choose pieces to represent the best design, regardless of age. Auspicious images that hearken to the earliest designs in blue and white from the Yuan, to the early modern wares of the Qing - each piece is just as valid a treasure as the original that inspired it.The artisits that create these pieces are passionate and study their beauty by strolling antiques markets and museums for inspiration and visual delight.

DIMENSIONS: 9.5'' DIA x 21.5'' H

* Made with skill and joy, imperfection is inherently part of its character. Minor variation of color/shape/size is expected for this handmade artisan crafted products, it is desirable and not considered a manufacturing defect.


FACTS AND HISTORY: Jingdezhen porcelain (Chinese: 景德镇陶瓷) is Chinese porcelain produced in or near Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province in southern China. Jingdezhen may have produced pottery as early as the sixth century CE, though it is named after the reign name of Emperor Zhenzong, in whose reign it became a major kiln site, around 1004.

By the 14th century it had become the largest centre of production of Chinese porcelain, which it has remained, increasing its dominance in subsequent centuries. From the Ming period onwards, official kilns in Jingdezhen were controlled by the emperor, making imperial porcelain in large quantity for the court and the emperor to give as gifts.