Jade Carved Beads Stretch Bracelet
Jade Carved Beads Stretch Bracelet

Jade Carved Beads Stretch Bracelet

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Jade Carved Beads Stretch Bracelet in a range variagated shades of beautiful light to dark green. A beautiful signature jewelry piece. Each strand of beads has been artfully assembled by hand on an elastic cord to fit any wrist.  It's a perfect meaningful gift for yourself or a dear friend.

Legend has it that if your jade bracelet breaks apart, then that means something terrible, such as an accident or sickness, was about to occur, yet the jade took the damage for you, allowing you to escape freely from harm. Pairs Beautifully with our Blue and White Porcelain Double Happiness Beaded Bracelets. Comes ready to gift in lovely blue velvet jewlery pouch!

*Minor variation of color/shape/size is expected for handmade artisan crafted products, it is desirable and not considered a manufacturing defect.

DIMENSIONS: Bracelet Length: 7.00(in) Bead width: .25 (in)

FACTS & HISTORY:  Many women in Asian cultures never remove their jade bracelet. It is believed that Jade will protect them from harm and keep them healthy. If the bracelet breaks, it has done it's job and removed them from harm. They replace it as soon as possible.