Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth
Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth
Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth
Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth
Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth

Ivory and Indigo Blue African Mudcloth

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Authentic African Mudcloth in Rich Indigo Blues shades on an Ivory ground. This piece has been carefully hand selected by by our design team. We inspect every textile and select designs that compliment each pieces own unique handcrafted characteristics.

This vintage textile was handmade in the West African country Burkina Faso, using the traditional methods of hand stitching strips of cotton fabric together and dying in baths of leaves and branches to bind the dye to the fabric.

A soft and versatile fabric, it can be used for many unique purposes. Use it on your dining table, console table, cocktail table, as a wall hanging, or at the end of a bed,  anywhere you want a colorful and unique accent for your room. It can also be fabricated into pillows or used for custom upholstery for which we reccomend backing. Each piece is truly one of a kind, you will receive the exact cloth shown in the photograph.

Want a custom design made from this textile just for you? We have a workroom to cut and fabricate to your specifications, only finishing raw edges per your preference. You can request custom orders such as these through our Interior Design Services!

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DIMENSIONS: 36" L x 62" W

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton Fabric

*please note this item is vintage and rustic, it has not been altered or finished so as not to detract from the vintage condition or the craftsmanship of the original artist. Expect irregularities in the fabric, and or coloration as this is what  makes it a desirable collectible. We recommend gently dry brush, damp sponge to spot clean or dry clean only as necessary, expect some bleeding of blue into white fields to occur when wet. This is natural and desirable as it adds to the pieces authenticity. Avoid direct sunlight as it will fade this material over time.

FACTS & HISTORY: Textiles such as this play a central role in the artistic tradition of many West African countries where they are traditionally worn as clothing. Indigo cloths can be found in a number of African countries including Ghana, Togo, and the Ivory Coast. Look carefully and you will see that each piece has its own unique and distinctive pattern. Though it’s commonly referred to as “African”, the fabric hails from northern Africa, specifically the inland country of Mali in the Western Sahara region.  The term “mudcloth” is loosely translated from Bambara, the language spoken in Mali. “Bògòlanfini” as it is called in Bambara, combines three root words: “bogo” meaning earth or mud, “lan” meaning ‘with’, and “fini” meaning cloth. The handmade Malian cloth dyed using fermented mud, giving it its name-sake. The tradition dates back to the 12th century.