Ebony Wood Vessel - Large

Ebony Wood Vessel - Large

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Ebony Wood Vessel this beautiful artisan made decorative vessel in ebony is handcrafted in Mozambique.  Crafted from sustainably sourced Mpingo wood by artisans living in Mozambique’s vast woodlands, their ebony pieces are both useful and beautiful. The unique lids of our stylish lathe-turned vessels are a chance for the carvers to show off their skills.

*Differences in tone and slight imperfections confirm the authenticity of materials and craftsmanship of every vessel.

DIMENSIONS: 4" L x 4" W x 6.8" H  

ORIGIN: Mozambique

FACTS & HISTORY: The Bazaruto Archipelago is a region in Mozambique consisting of a group of six islands, just off the mainland coast of Southeast Africa.

Mozambique was ruled by Portugal, and they share a main language (Portuguese) and main religion (Roman Catholicism). But since most of the people of Mozambique are Bantus, most of the culture is native; for Bantus living in urban areas, there is some Portuguese influence. Mozambican culture also influences the Portuguese culture.

The Makonde are known for their wood carving and elaborate masks, which are commonly used in traditional dances. There are two different kinds of wood carvings: shetani, (evil spirits), which are mostly carved in heavy ebony, tall, and elegantly curved with symbols and nonrepresentational faces; and ujamaa, which are totem-type carvings which illustrate lifelike faces of people and various figures. These sculptures are usually referred to as "family trees" because they tell stories of many generations.