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Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif
Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif
Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif
Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif
Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif
Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif

Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif

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Chinoiserie Bowl, Bird Motif these beautiful bowls make the best hostess or holiday gifts! Buy one for a gift and for yourself!

Your table will always look wonderful from this moment forward.

* Comes in assorted 3 great blue and white patterns. Each sold individually

  • Perfect fit for most deli containers. But a smaller container may fit in just wonderfully.
  • No need to move food from a plastic container to a proper serving container. Move from the refrigerator to table and back. Now hide the plastic containers forever.
  • Also, perfect as a planter, or as a container to serve anything from nuts to candy.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Hand-painted porcelain
MATERIAL: Porcelain

DIMENSIONS: 3.75" H x 5.25" DIA



hinoiserie can be described as the European and later American appreciation for the Arts and Culture of Asia. Asian cultures have a long history of Art and Craftsmanship predating Europe by centuries. In fact the first evidence of porcelain produced as an art form during the later parts of Han dynasty which lasted from 206 B.C to 221 A.D. However the first great period of Chinese ceramics was the T’ang dynasty 618 to 906. Followed by the better known Ming dynasty (1368-1644). 

Over time Europeans developed a love and fascination with Eastern Arts and Culture. Starting in seventeenth century the Dutch and then the East Indian Trade Companies began to establish relationships with Chinese merchants who considered them barbarians. But the Europeans persisted and the trade increased. And by the late seventeenth well over a million pieces of Chinese Porcelain were imported to Europe and the trade reached its zenith. The Europeans had started creating their own interpretations and imitation of Chinese Porcelain and other East Asian artistic decorative arts.  By the early nineteenth century, Worcester, Derby, Coalport and many Staffordshire factories were producing so much product that English trade with China almost ceased. 

Around the same time great demand for Chinese Export was beginning in the American colonies.  And by 1800 the Americans still found it to their advantage to trade with the Chinese. There Chinese made are porcelain with American motifs dating from 1800 which are highly prized by American Collectors.