Antiqued Silver Low Bowl

Antiqued Silver Low Bowl

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Antiqued Silver Low Bowl, this solid brass bowl, handmade in India, has an antiqued silver finish. The bowl is etched with a diamond pattern on the inside of the bowl, and a hammered texture in the bottom of the bowl. Each bowl has slight imperfections that add to its vintage look. Because these bowls trays are handmade, each piece varies slightly in size.

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DIMENSIONS: 1.5" H x 9" Diameter

MATERIALS:  Solid Brass, Antique Silver Finish


*Hand Wash Only

FACTS & HISTORY: The history of metallurgy in the Indian subcontinent began prior to the 3rd millennium BCE and continued well into the British Raj. Metals and related concepts were mentioned in various early Vedic age texts. The Rigveda already uses the Sanskrit term Ayas(आयस) (metal). 

The Indian cultural and commercial contacts with the Near East and the Greco-Roman world enabled an exchange of metallurgic sciences. With the advent of the Mughals further improved the established tradition of metallurgy and metal working in India.

During the period of British rule in India (first by the East India Company and then by the Crown), the metalworking industry in India stagnated due to various colonial policies, though efforts by industrialists led to the industry's revival during the 19th century.